Sunday, April 10, 2011

Welcome SPRING!!!

As  Thoreau said " I await spring in earnest!"  I as you await this wonderful time of year, when all of the power of nature is focused on all that is ready to be reborn.  After this challenging winter, I, all the more appreciate the warmth of the spring sunshine.  It has brought home to me the reality, that you cannot appreciate the good without the counterpoint of the bad.  That is why I feel the blessings of this season even more so this year than ever before.
We are looking forward to oh so many new ventures this year.  Our building three will be featuring he new ESQUIRE HOME COLLECTION, along with a whole new focus looking toward the more Avante Garde and modern.  Dana Design is adding a new section featuring another kitchen, bath, and modular closet design. that will be located in the design barn in the Seraph.  Domus is stronger than ever with one of kind European, French and Belgian wares.  We will be hosting an open house in early fall and will be keeping you informed of that with invitations and notices.

I can think of no better way as an example of what this season represents than featuring our artist of  the month, Tom Coe.  Tom is an amazing, unassuming  and talented artist that is obviously one with nature.  His hands create these wonderful paper mache creatures that seem to come alive.  We have chicks, ducks, rabbits, mice and even a small size sheep and raccoon.  Prices range from $18.95 to $59.95.  Tom has been creating for us for over 25 years, we are proud and happy to have him as a part of the Seraph family.  We have included some photos of his wares.

Please come to see all that is happening in our part of the world, as ever we look to your return a eagerly as we await the spring.

Alex and crew