Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Blessings 2011

Merry Christmas!!  
 So good to start hearing that again, we have made it a practice to sing it out loud and clear at the shop!!!   As I ponder what to write, all of the truisms come to mind.  Blessings of family, good health, a roof over your head, Plenty of good warm food  Things we sometimes take for granted are high on the list.  I wanted to take a look around at simple things sometimes taken for granted, a hearty laugh with a friend, the look your husband gets when he suddenly realizes he REALLY loves you, the energy you get from doing something you love to do  The sense of accomplishment from creating something no one can do exactly like you.  Then my eyes fell on my Molly Brown, still giving me unconditional love after 13 years. 
Many of you know her and look forward to patting her on her old head.  We shaved her this year in a very hot July to help her be more cool and comfortable.  The fur is not coming in at the same wonderful fluffiness we have enjoyed running our fingers through on a cold winters night, as soothing to us as well as her.  We have joked about comb overs, but it was also said she looked like the Velveteen Rabbit, so well worn and much loved, she was rubbed bare in spots.   This is the simplest form of love and devotion.  I am thankful for having her so many years and pray optimistically that she will be with us many more years.
When I was a child my father, who was instilled with the spirit of Christmas, would bring home a fresh cut tree from the downtown streets of Chicago, with a kitten, that was rescued, tucked into the branches. (click here for history of Chicago Christmas Trees)  I am sure that the love and appreciation of animals began with those unspoken lessons.  This year, even though it is challenging for many of us, I send along hope for a brighter 2012.  Remembering those who are no longer with us but live in the lessons lovingly taught, and are reminded of the pure and simple act of love.  Even though it is difficult at times, wrap yourself in the happiest of memories.   
Many Blessings come your way from our family, the Seraph and Domus crew, and Molly Brown too.