Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spring Greetings!!

Spring Greetings!!  I hope I am  not rushing it, but since that horrific October storm, Albert, we have been enjoying an unusually mild winter.  I know, I know, there is plenty of time for snow and a  sizable storm.  I think it's ironic that we planned a snow shoeing party for this winter, I guess we should have planned a beach party.
Even though we have finally moved into our new home, the finishing work goes on.

Here is a photo of  Richard Harris, the Michelangelo of stone masons.
Richard, Mike and Molly enjoying a cigar in celebration of the completion of the stairs and wall surrounding the front courtyard.  Richard started in August and just finished this week.  He is wonderful to work with, neat, methodical and truly creative.  We just loved working with him. 
Augustus, aka "Gus" on a new perch
The Pergolas are completed and the arbor has been delivered so we can complete the east side of the garden.  Looking forward to those grapes, blueberries, and strawberries.
Winter, no matter how mild gives most of us the opportunity to read, watch TV and go to the movies.  That is what is wonderful about hibernation in New England.  We haven't been to the movies in quite some time, but I wanted to see HUGO, the film by Martin Scorsese.  It was in 3D, and I hadn't seen a 3D movie since the House of Wax ( who is dating themselves now?) 
(click above for official movie trailer for Hugo)
 For those of you, who want to be swept away by a story and wonderful effects, you will love this film.  So happy it's been rewarded with 11 Academy Award nominations.
On the music scene, I have stumbled upon a wonderful group, Cafe del Mar.  Their CD arias is magical and I could listen for hours.
Now, our latest guilty pleasure, DOC MARTIN, the BBC "Dramedy" (a combination comedy and drama) is addictive.  We have shared with with so many friends and they too are hooked.  Whatever creates a hit, whether it is the acting, writing, music or in this case even the setting, this series is wonderful.  If there are any other DOC MARTIN fans, let me know.  This has the makings of becoming one of my all time favorites.
Happy Birthday to our Molly Brown! 
She will be celebrating her 13th birthday.  I will bake her a great cake (good for doggies) In appreciation for her gentle presence, companionship, and all that she has added to our lives all of these years.
We have wonderful new items in both of the shops, if you need some decorating advice, a spruce up or just to stop and say hi, we look forward to a mid winter visit.
Stay warm, and think spring and planning you new garden.
Best, Alex